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Baby Shower Spy Babes Party Game

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    Add excitement and intrigue to your Baby Shower with the thrilling Baby Shower Spy Party Game! Get ready to transform your guests into undercover detectives as they embark on a mission to crack secret code words and uncover hilarious reactions.

    Here's how it works: Each guest receives a card with a unique code word they need to listen for during the party. But here's the catch – whenever someone says their secret codeword, they must perform a designated physical action! For example, if their code word is "happy," they might scratch their nose every time they hear the word "happy." The actions should be noticeable but not too discreet to keep the game enjoyable and interactive.

    As the game progresses, guests become super sleuths, observing and deciphering the strange behaviors exhibited by others. Pay close attention and try to determine which code word triggers each reaction. You might need to repeat a few possible code words before you uncover the truth. Once you think you've figured out someone's code word, approach them and ask, "Is your code word...?" If you guess correctly, they're out of the game. Don't forget, you'll also be reacting to your own code word throughout the game.

    The excitement builds as participants compete to guess the most code words correctly. The guest with the highest number of accurate guesses emerges as the ultimate winner. Additionally, the last person to have their code word guessed can also be recognized as a winner for their stealthy skills.

    To facilitate the game, cut up the code word/reaction combinations and distribute them among the guests. We've even provided four blank cards for you to add your own personalized touch. Read through the rules, distribute the cards, and let the quest for code words begin!

    Prepare for laughter, bonding, and a thrilling adventure as your Baby Shower transforms into a spy-filled extravaganza. Get ready to challenge your friends' detective skills and create unforgettable memories with the Baby Shower Spy Party Game!