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The Best 12 Bachelor Party Games

The Best 12 Bachelor Party Games

What are The Top 12 Party Games to Play at a Bachelor Party? We Find Out!

Being in charge of planning a bachelor party is not a small responsibility. After all there’s a certain level of anticipation that comes with what one might expect at said event, and with that comes the pressure to deliver. Of course this will vary from person to person, group to group, and will in a large part be determined by the groom himself. If he’s more of a wild child then the bachelor party will need to reflect that, however, if he’s more of a calm and placid type of person then he might prefer something a little more tame.

It’s important to take the groom’s personality into account and plan the bachelors accordingly. And that’s where our list of games below come into play (excuse the pun). A great way to start a night out with the boys is with a couple of bachelor party games. They’re a great way to break the ice in a group that might be a bit unfamiliar with each other, and a great way to get everybody warmed up for what should hopefully be a big and memorable night!

Thinking of games can be challenging, so looking through suggestions and seeing what you like can make a difference. There’s hundreds of bachelor-themed party games out there and so we’ve gone ahead and curated what we consider to be the best bachelor party games available, including free and paid options.

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1. Pant Splitters Quiz

Drinking is a fairly common occurrence at bachelor parties, and while it’s not a rule that one must drink at a bachelor party, it’s often a given that it’s going to make up a big part of the day/night. So if the groom intends to get drunk (whether he likes it or not), the Pant Splitters Quiz can be a whole lot of fun. Print out the pages beforehand and hand them to everyone at the party, giving them a pen or pencil.

The quiz has multiple wickedly hilarious questions along with multiple choice answers, for the guests to fill out along with their names. Some examples include discussing the groom’s strange tendencies, his dress sense, or what was the first thing he noticed about his bride to be. We warn you it’s not for the faint of heart as the questions range from fun and innocent to outright ridiculous. As the drinks continue, the answers get funnier and it’s guaranteed to have everyone in stitches.

After filling them out, the best man or someone else can grab all the papers. Then, once the following day arrives, they can share the answers with the groom and let him see what his friends chose, leading to a whole lot of uncontrolled laughter!

They can also be a fun memory the groom can keep, looking at each paper and remembering his friends. This can be even better depending on what his friends wrote and anything else they add, such as their custom answers below the various questions.

Feel free to get creative by adding questions to the back of the paper and letting people know about them, leaving the groom with a memorable experience. You can even encourage them to draw funny pictures and leave notes.

2. Mission Impossible Party Game

If you want to make things interesting near the end of the party, you can go with the Mission Impossible Party Game. It offers multiple missions for each person to finish, awarding them points if they succeed while making it fun.

You can have people get involved and watch each other, allowing them to laugh and have a blast. The game comes with multiple tickets that people can pull from a hat, giving them a secret mission to accomplish before they leave the party. It's ideally suited if you're all out at a busy bar or club. 

The Best 12 Bachelor Party Games

The game even comes with blank tickets, meaning you can talk with your friends and come up with hilarious ideas for them to do. So look around the party, see if you can think of anything creative, and put it down to make it a blast for everyone.

If you go to a public area, you can ask people to write down their suggestions to make it more exciting and surprising. Also, ask the workers if they want to write down any ideas, so you can get them involved and get a new perspective regarding different missions.

As you add ideas to the game, keep it legal and safe so that no one will encounter unexpected trouble during the bachelor party.

3. Ultimate Pub Quiz

If you want to see the funny answers someone could come up with during a party, you can try the Ultimate Pub Trivia game. This game offers many questions that people can attempt to answer while sitting around at a bachelor party.

The Best 12 Bachelor Party Games

It includes various topics you can pick from based on what the party wants to do, including pop culture, athletics, and more. Since the game offers over 1,000 questions, you can explore many topics and never get bored.

You can then tally the points and give funny awards to whoever does the best. Feel free to split people into teams and have them tackle the questions based on the situation and how many people you have at the party.

Some may take the game a step further by going with only wrong answers. Then, they award points to people based on who has the funniest responses rather than who got the correct answer, allowing you all to have some fun laughs during the trivia night.

Feel free to develop any house rules to let everyone enjoy the game and make the most out of the night.

4. Truth or Dare

Sometimes, simple games work the best for bachelor parties since they can introduce fun moments and concepts, making Truth or Dare a go-to option. If you haven’t played it before, players take turns asking others truth or dare, and they must pick an option.

For truth, the asker gets to ask the other a question, and they must answer honestly. For dare, the asker requests that the other person does something, making it exciting and fun for everyone involved.

You can get creative and have each other do fun or unique things throughout the process. For example, someone may dare the other to go next door and serenade a person who answers, while another may have to run around the house in their underwear.

Each player can always come up with something and try their best to make the other players drop out. If someone refuses to answer a question or do a dare, they drop out of the game, so you keep going until there’s only one player left.

You can also add a free pass for each player to let them stay in but have them get a punishment for the rest of the game.

5. Werewolf

Werewolf is a popular party game thanks to its social aspect, making it fun for people throughout the night. The game has simple rules: a player works as a narrator that keeps track of everything and ensures no one cheats while the others play.

To keep it simple, most players are villagers, while a few play as werewolves, so the villagers must vote out the werewolves. However, they don’t know who the werewolves are, so they must use their deduction skills while the werewolves try to lie and deceive the rest.

If people get bored or want to spice it up, they can add additional roles to the game, such as having a mayor that can check people each night to find out their roles. It depends on the situation, so do your best to see what players want and try different ideas.

You can either deal out the roles through a standard deck or purchase Werewolf cards based on what you want. You’ll find many versions of this game online and in stores, so go through them and see which ones offer the roles you like the most to have some fun during the party.

6. Bad Choices Game

Bad Choices is another fun game people can enjoy throughout the bachelor party. The game has each person draw multiple cards with various questions and statements, so people must answer those questions and go through the responses.

Not only does it let people share funny stories, but it can put people on the spot and lead to exciting moments. Feel free to not look at the questions until you play the game, ensuring people won’t have an unfair advantage when they play.
For example, one of them asks if someone would shave their eyebrows for 1,000 dollars, which can lead to funny dares and similar situations. You can easily enjoy over 400 cards, allowing you to go through them and have plenty of fun.

Instead of the standard rules you’d expect from a game like this, each person asks others the questions they have on a turn. If the person they choose says yes, they can discard the card, though they must keep it if the person answers no.

People can quickly join the game throughout the party, thanks to its straightforward rules and simple design.

The Best 12 Bachelor Party Games

7. Cards Against Humanity

You can go with a popular game, such as Cards Against Humanity, allowing you to get everyone involved. The game has a topic in the middle while others play description cards that they feel match it, and the one who flips the topic gets to pick the winner.

The Best 12 Bachelor Party Games

The game works well regarding bachelor party games since it has more adult topics, making it better for such a setting. In addition, this one utilizes simple rules, so people can easily hop into the game and play for a couple of minutes.

You can let people talk about the game, come up with hilarious ideas, and even award points. Some parties may have people face punishments if they have the worst card, making the game funnier and more interesting for those involved.

For example, you may have someone do something funny or embarrassing if they lose the round, or you can have the person with the least points do something extreme at the end. If you do, ensure you keep it safe and don’t get anyone in legal trouble with the punishments.

8. Throw Throw Burrito

If you want something exciting and unique regarding bachelor party games, you should try Throw Throw Burrito. The game comes with stuffed burritos, which the players will throw at each other during specific moments.

They must draw cards and try to get three matching cards. People can also play different burrito cards to start burrito battles, where they must take paces away from each other and then throw the burritos at each other.

The Best 12 Bachelor Party Games

The game mixes a card game with a form of dodgeball, allowing people to have fun and making the game more interesting for those involved. On top of that, if people joke around and have laughs, they’ll make the game more fun and memorable for those interested.

You can even dodge and try to avoid throws, making it more exciting and fun for people during a bachelor party. If someone dodges, they can pick up the burritos and keep going until someone gets hit to make the game more exciting.

The game remains a fun option, and you can even develop original rules and concepts while playing. For example, it may turn into a full round of dodgeball with everyone there, so go with the flow.

9. Video Game Challenges

If you prefer a simpler, but more close-knit party while having something easier to do, you can come up with some video game challenges. These challenges can have people sitting around the game and trying different stunts or playing multiplayer games.

The challenges can go beyond the game by having people tackle challenges in person. For example, one person may need to play against someone in a fighting game while one plays upside down and the other has to drink something during the game.

You can develop multiple challenges beforehand and have others add their ideas to the hat. People can then pull out ideas from the hat and tackle various challenges, making it exciting and leveling the playing field if someone doesn’t play games often.

Video game challenges also work since you can play various games, such as party games, social games, and even racing games. So feel free to go through your options, talk with your friends, and narrow down your choices for video games and challenges.

You can even have people tag-team, letting each person hold half of the controller and play together to win.

10. Capital Punishment: The Party Argument Game

If your group prefers to have friendly banters and light-hearted arguments, you can try Capital Punishment. The game works similarly to other card games where you play a card based on a topic and argue your case.

The Best 12 Bachelor Party Games

One player flips over the topic, which is the punishment card, and the others pick a card that they feel works best for it. Each person then argues their case and tries to convince the one who flipped the topic that their card works best.

The player then makes a call and awards it accordingly. This game works well since it has hilarious and interesting topics anyone can quickly understand. They can also get into it and make solid or funny arguments to get more people to support them.

With the other 300 cards available, people can find new cards and have fun while they go through the different ideas. If people get creative and develop ways to argue their case, they can win the round and make the game more interesting.

The game’s easy to pick up and play, so you can play it for a while or throughout the night.

11. Muted Movie Game

If you prefer watching movies and doing some improv, you can make the party memorable by playing the muted movie game. This game has you mute a movie and assign each person in the room to different characters, pretending to be them throughout the film.

The process allows everyone to make stuff up and create an original plot while making jokes about the movie. It requires attention and creativity, but it can be a blast if people get into it and try to maximize the experience for everyone involved.

You can choose a movie everyone knows, a bad movie, or an unknown one. This works well since you can quickly mute the film, pick a G or PG-rate movie, and make adult jokes throughout it to get everyone laughing.

You should focus on having funny moments and making it fun. This works well since you can choose any movie your group wants and expand it by watching multiple films, trying TV shows, and attempting different scenes.

If you have a TV and a streaming service, you can easily play this game.

12. Stir the Pot Game

You can make the bachelor party more interesting by bringing Stir The Pot as a fun party game. The game encourages people to make fun of each other and talk about it afterward, allowing everyone to have some lighthearted fun during the party.

The Best 12 Bachelor Party Games

The first player will show a card to the player on their left, then that player has to point to someone in the group. Then someone will choose the person they feel best matches that description, so the first person flips a coin to determine if they must share the information.

They may get to keep the secret safe, but the question could be read aloud, allowing everyone to know what the other person thought. You can then talk about it and make some jokes, comparing everyone regarding the question and situation.

You can keep going with the game until people get bored, and the group can join in on the questions. For example, if one player chooses another, the group can discuss and make jokes about why that person fits the description the best, making it a fun game for everyone.


Planning a bachelor party does have to be a drag, and it doesn't always have to involved huge amounts of booze and debauchery (although those are always optional). With some of the games we've mentioned above, you can add a unique quality to the party that will ensure everyone attending will have a great time, and the groom will have a night he will remember, whether he's drinking or not.

Most of the games above also allow you to keep the party to a single location, whether that's at home, or at a particular bar or club. This can save on arranging transport for everyone, and avoid any potential drinking and driving scenarios which can quickly ruin a great bachelors.



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