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Left Right Games for Parties

Left Right Games for Parties

What are Left-Right Party Games All About?

There’s really nothing worse than having a drab party. Whether it’s a kids party that desperately needs a spark to bring the little ones together, or a group of friends coming together, and needing a little energy injection. Having a fun party game on hand to provide that much needed guidance and take the pressure off you as the host is a welcome relief.

The Left-Right game is a timeless and classic party game that’s been a favourite across generations. Below is one of our free left right games for you to try. While there isn't a specific historical origin attributed to this specific type of game, it has become a staple of various celebrations, including holiday parties, office gatherings, and family events. The game's simplicity and interactive nature make it a fun way to engage participants and add an element of surprise and amusement to gift exchanges.

How Does a Left-Right Game Work?

In short, a "left-right" party game is a type of social and often humorous activity that involves passing an object or gift around a circle of participants while reading a story or poem. The story or poem must include the words "left" and "right" within the text, and every time the word "left" or "right" is said out loud, the players must pass the object or gift in the specified direction that was said (that is either "left" or "right").

It adds an element of fun and unpredictability to the gift-giving process. The chosen narrator should read the story in a continuous fashion, and not take long pauses. This will keep the energy high as everybody is listening avidly for the trigger words of left and right. Sometimes, the story may involve twists and turns, leading to laughter and confusion as participants try to keep up with the directions.

The game can be adapted and customized for different occasions and themes, as well as age groups, making it a popular choice for parties and celebrations. It's a lighthearted way to engage and entertain guests while exchanging gifts or simply having some fun.

View our Printable Left-Right Fantasy Game below, that tells of the adventure of Princess Amelia from the Right-Land Kingdom. It's primarily aimed at children but can be tweaked for a more teenage (or adult) audience.

As previously mentioned, left-right party games can be adapted to suit a wide range of age groups, from children to adults. The key to making the game enjoyable for different ages is to tailor the story, instructions, and gifts to the preferences and abilities of the participants. Here are some ways to play the game with different age groups:

1. For Children

  • Use a simple and engaging story with age-appropriate themes and characters.
  • Ensure the instructions are easy to understand, and use shorter sentences.
  • Consider using small, fun, and age-appropriate prizes or treats as gifts.
  • Encourage creativity and imagination by incorporating elements like magical creatures or superheroes into the story.
  • Click here to view our printable left-right game selection for kids.

2. For Teenagers

  • Create a more complex and intriguing story with twists and turns.
  • Use a mix of humor, adventure, and mystery to keep teenagers engaged.
  • Allow teenagers to bring their own wrapped gifts, which can include items like small gadgets, accessories, or gift cards.
  • Make the story relatable to their interests and hobbies.

3. For Adults

  • Craft a humorous and entertaining narrative that can be appreciated by adults.
  • Use the game as an opportunity for inside jokes or references that the group will understand and enjoy.
  • Participants can bring a wide range of gifts, from gag gifts to more serious and thoughtful presents.
  • Consider incorporating themes related to holidays, events, or occasions, such as a Christmas party, a birthday celebration or even a bridal shower or wedding.

4. For Mixed Age Groups

  • Choose a story that strikes a balance between simplicity and complexity to cater to various ages.
  • Allow participants to bring gifts suitable for different age groups.
  • Encourage interaction and teamwork between younger and older participants, fostering a sense of togetherness and inclusivity.

In all cases, it's important to ensure that the story flows smoothly and that participants have fun while playing. Adjust the pace, length, and level of challenge according to the age group to keep everyone engaged and entertained. The left-right party game is versatile and can be customized to suit the preferences and dynamics of the participants, making it a great addition to various social gatherings.

Click here to browse our wide range of premium printable Left Right Games below.

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