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25 of the Best Pass the Parcel Tasks and Dares

25 of the Best Pass the Parcel Tasks and Dares

We've Collected 25 of the Best Pass the Parcel Tasks and Dares for Kids, Teens and Adults

It's unlikely that you've made it to adulthood without having come across the game that is Pass the Parcel. For those of us who've been living under a rock, Pass the Parcel originated in Britain and is a timeless party game often played at children's parties or any fun social gathering really.

Pass the Parcel Typically Works Like This:

  1. Prepare the Parcel: A small gift or prize is wrapped in multiple layers of paper. Each layer can contain a clue, a small treat, or a task written on it. The more layers you have, the more anticipation and excitement can be built up during the game.

  2. Gather Players: Players sit in a circle, either on the floor or in chairs, with one player designated as the one who starts the music and stops it. This player is often referred to as the "DJ" or "music master."

  3. Play Music: The music is played, usually with an upbeat tune. Players pass the wrapped parcel around the circle in one direction while the music is playing.

  4. Stop the Music: The player in charge of the music stops it abruptly at a random moment. Whoever is holding the parcel when the music stops is the player who must perform the action or unwrap a layer.

  5. Perform the Action or Unwrap a Layer: The chosen player performs the action written on the layer they just unwrapped. This can range from singing a song, dancing, telling a joke, answering a question, or completing a small challenge.

  6. Continue Playing: The game continues with the music being restarted and the parcel passed around the circle again. This process is repeated until all layers have been unwrapped and the final prize or gift is revealed.

  7. Winner: The player who ultimately uncovers the final prize or gift is often considered the "winner" of the game, though in many versions, all players receive a small treat or token at the end.

A really fun way to up the ante of this game is to add tasks and dares between layers of wrapping. It's a simple and fun way to encourage participation, laughter, and interaction among players. And best of all, depending on the age of the players, one can include age-appropriate tasks! 

While traditionally it's more of a children's game, it can be played by any age group. As mentioned previously, depending on the age, the tasks and dares can be adapted to suit.

To help you along, we've listed 25 pass the parcel tasks for the little ones (between 5 - 10 years old), as well as 25 tasks and dares for teens, and 25 tasks or dares for adults.

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25 Pass the Parcel Tasks for Kids (5 - 10)

  1. Wear Your Socks on Your Hands for the Next Round: Let's switch things up and show off your sock puppet skills!
  2. Do Your Best Silly Dance for 10 Seconds: Bust out your silliest dance moves and get the whole gang grooving.
  3. Tell a Joke: What Do You Call a Dinosaur with an Extensive Vocabulary? A Thesaurus!
  4. Mimic Your Favorite Animal in Slow Motion: Transform into your favorite animal and show off its moves in slo-mo.
  5. Act Like a Silly Robot for 30 Seconds: Show us your robot dance and sound effects – beep boop, beep boop!
  6. Name Three Things That Make You Giggle: Share your top three giggle-inducing things and spread the laughter.
  7. Sing "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" Like a Rockstar: Turn this classic tune into a high-energy rock performance!
  8. Share a Funny Face You Can Make: Strike your funniest face and see who can make the silliest one too.
  9. Tell a Story Where a Banana Becomes a Superhero: Get creative and weave a tale of banana bravery and heroism.
  10. Hop on One Foot While Singing "Happy Birthday": Can you keep your balance while belting out the birthday song?
  11. Imitate Your Favorite Cartoon Character's Voice: Take on the voice of your beloved character and bring them to life.
  12. Pretend You're a Pirate Finding Treasure: Set off on a treasure hunt adventure with your best pirate swagger.
  13. Do a Funny Dance With an Invisible Friend: Dance with an imaginary friend and create a dance duo that's twice the fun.
  14. Tell a Story Using Only Animal Sounds: Narrate a tale using the language of animals – roars, tweets, and ribbits included!
  15. Walk Backward for the Rest of the Game: Master the art of backward walking and keep the laughter going.
  16. Sing "Old MacDonald Had a Farm" Like an Opera Singer: Opera-fy this farmyard favorite and add a touch of elegance.
  17. Make a "Silly Sandwich" Dance: Show us how you'd dance if you were a sandwich – lettuce, cheese, and all!
  18. Share a Joke: Why Did the Scarecrow Win an Award? Because He Was Outstanding in His Field!
  19. Pretend to Be a Robot Eating Ice Cream: Use robot moves to savor your imaginary ice cream treat.
  20. Describe Your Dream Adventure in the Clouds: Paint a whimsical picture of your sky-high dream adventure.
  21. Tell a Story Where a Potato Becomes a Detective: Unleash your imagination and craft a tale of spud sleuthing.
  22. Do a Silly Parade Around the Circle: Lead a parade with your zaniest moves while everyone joins the fun.
  23. Give an Animal a Hilarious Name: Invent the wackiest name for an imaginary animal friend.
  24. Act Out Your Favorite Superhero's Epic Fail: Show us what happens when a superhero's plans go hilariously wrong.
  25. Create a Song About Your Favorite Food: Sing an impromptu melody dedicated to your top munchies.

Printable Pass the Parcel: Kids Edition – 25 Fun and Engaging Tasks


25 Pass the Parcel Tasks for Teens

  1. Sing a Pop Song with a Mouth Full of Marshmallows: Belt out your favorite pop tune while munching on marshmallows. Bonus points for mastering the lyrics!
  2. Impersonate Your Favorite Celebrity on a Bad Hair Day: Show us your best impression of a celebrity caught off-guard by a wild hair day.
  3. Reenact an Overdramatic Soap Opera Scene: Ham it up and act out a melodramatic soap opera scene with dramatic pauses and exaggerated expressions.
  4. Talk Like a Robot for the Next Round: Share your thoughts, but only in a robot voice. Beep boop, let the fun commence!
  5. Tell a Joke Using Only Emoji: Crack a joke using emojis only, and see if the group can decipher your comedic genius.
  6. Do the Funkiest Chicken Dance Ever: Get your groove on with the quirkiest, most memorable chicken dance you can muster.
  7. Give a Stand-Up Comedy Monologue on School Cafeteria Food: Turn mundane cafeteria meals into stand-up gold with your hilarious commentary.
  8. Perform a Speed Round of Celebrity Impressions: Rapid-fire impersonations of various celebrities. See how many you can nail in 30 seconds!
  9. Recite Your Last Text Message in Opera Style: Transform your last text message into an opera-worthy performance that'll leave everyone in stitches.
  10. Tell a Story Using Only Animal Sounds: Share a short tale using animal noises – creativity and laughter guaranteed!
  11. Wear Your T-Shirt Backward for the Next Round: Rock the "backward fashion" trend for the rest of the game. Style icon, here you come!
  12. Describe Your Dream Job as a Mime: Use expressive gestures to tell everyone about your dream job, without uttering a single word.
  13. Perform a Dance Break with Invisible Backup Dancers: Pretend you have a troupe of invisible backup dancers as you bust out your most epic dance moves.
  14. Recite a Movie Quote in Slow Motion: Pick a memorable movie quote and say it in slo-mo, adding heaps of drama and hilarity.
  15. Describe Your Day in Emoji Only: Sum up your entire day using emojis – challenge yourself to make it as detailed and funny as possible.
  16. Act Out a Scene from a Horror Movie Using Silly Props: Spook everyone with a scene from a horror movie, but with laugh-out-loud props and antics.
  17. Tell a Story in Pig Latin: Narrate a short story using the whimsical and wacky language of Pig Latin.
  18. Give Your Phone's Autocorrect a Stand-Up Comedy Routine: Share funny autocorrect mishaps your phone has pulled on you in the past.
  19. Create a Hilarious Commercial for an Imaginary Product: Advertise a made-up product with an over-the-top and side-splitting commercial.
  20. Perform a Superhero Entrance for the Next Round: Pretend you're a superhero entering a room for your grand entrance. Pose, cape swish, and all!
  21. Tell a Knock-Knock Joke with a Surprise Twist: Share a classic knock-knock joke but add an unexpected and hilarious punchline.
  22. Recite a Mundane Task as If You're Narrating a Nature Documentary: Turn something ordinary like making a sandwich into a captivating nature documentary narration.
  23. Do an Interpretive Dance for Your Favorite Emoji: Pick your most-loved emoji and express it through dance – bonus points for creativity!
  24. Describe Your Last Dream as an Epic Movie Plot: Transform your latest dream into an epic movie synopsis, complete with intense twists.
  25. Share Your Funniest "Oops!" Moment: Open up and recount a hilarious mishap from your past – the bigger the "oops," the better the laughs!

Printable Pass the Parcel: Teens Edition – 25 Fun and Engaging Tasks


25 Pass the Parcel Tasks for Adults

  1. Give Your Best Impersonation of a Cartoon Character: Channel your inner cartoon character and give us your most uproarious impression.
  2. Describe Your Job Using Only Emojis: Sum up your profession in emojis – let's see if your colleagues can guess!
  3. Share a Hilarious "Bad Date" Story: Lay down your funniest dating disaster – the more cringeworthy, the better the laughs.
  4. Do a Dramatic Reading of a Fast Food Menu: Elevate fast food to Shakespearean levels with an over-the-top dramatic reading.
  5. Recreate Your Morning Routine as a Dance Routine: Transform your morning rituals into a dance extravaganza that'll leave everyone in stitches.
  6. Tell a Funny Incident from Your Childhood: Dig up a sidesplitting childhood memory that's bound to make everyone guffaw.
  7. Impersonate Your Favorite TV Show Character: Channel your TV show fave and mimic their quirks and catchphrases to perfection.
  8. Create a Rap About Your Least Favorite Chore: Spin your chores into rhymes and rap your way to chore victory!
  9. Describe Your Worst Cooking Mishap: Recount your kitchen catastrophe in all its glory – burnt dishes, kitchen chaos, and all!
  10. Act Out a Scene from a Soap Opera: Dive into the melodrama and perform an over-the-top scene worthy of a soap opera.
  11. Share a Hilarious Texting Fail: Unveil those autocorrect fails and texting blunders that had you in fits of laughter.
  12. Describe Your Favorite Movie Plot in 10 Words or Less: Summarize your most-loved film in a hilariously succinct manner.
  13. Mimic a Famous Movie Line with a Funny Twist: Put your unique spin on a famous movie line, adding unexpected humor.
  14. Impersonate a Celebrity Giving a Commencement Speech: Imagine a celebrity giving a graduation speech and mimic their distinct style.
  15. Reenact a Silly Commercial for an Imaginary Product: Become the star of your own humorous infomercial for an off-the-wall product.
  16. Describe Your Last Vacation as a Stand-Up Comedy Routine: Turn your travel tales into a stand-up comedy routine – the more exaggerated, the better.
  17. Do a Charades Challenge: Interpret "Binge-Watching TV": Act out the act of binge-watching your favorite TV shows – no words allowed!
  18. Share Your Most Epic Prank Story: Spill the beans on the most epic prank you've pulled off or fallen for.
  19. Perform a Monologue About the Perils of Adulting: Give an entertaining monologue about the comical struggles of adulting.
  20. Describe Your Last DIY Project with Exaggerated Enthusiasm: Elevate your DIY exploits to legendary levels with enthusiastic storytelling.
  21. Impersonate a Political Figure Giving a Weather Forecast: Combine politics and meteorology in a side-splitting impersonation.
  22. Reenact a Classic Movie Scene with Inflatable Props: Bring the laughter by reenacting a memorable movie scene using absurd inflatable props.
  23. Share a Ridiculously Memorable Pet Story: Delve into your pet's shenanigans and recount a story that's laugh-out-loud worthy.
  24. Create a Haiku About Your Last Grocery Shopping Experience: Sum up your last grocery haul in the classic haiku style – short and hilarious!
  25. Perform a Stand-Up Comedy Routine About Everyday Annoyances: Take on everyday irritations with a side of comedy genius in a stand-up routine.
Printable Pass the Parcel: Teens Edition – 25 Fun and Engaging Tasks

Tweak the tasks above just a smidge to match the vibe of each age group. For the little ones, it's all about short, simple actions that'll have them giggling non-stop. Teens? Add a dash of cool factor with pop culture references and talent showcases. The adults? Spice it up with relatable yet hilarious tasks that break the ice and get everyone laughing together.

So there you have it – Pass the Parcel, the game that's as versatile as a mood ring! With a sprinkle of creativity and a twist of tailoring, you've got a timeless game that's ready to rock every age group. Let the unwrapping begin!

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