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Pirate Party Games

Who doesn’t love dressing up like a pirate? Invite the coolest people you know (they have to dress up!) and print out a few of our pirate party games, and you’ll be having a swashbuckling good time!

Play pirate trivia or go on a pirate scavenger hunt – these printable party games have all the adventure and laughs you need for hosting a pirate party. For a kid’s pirate themed party, our “ice breaker” game will have all the kids out making new friends in no time.

Do you need to learn some real pirate vocabulary? Get everyone at your party talking like a pirate and print out our “pirate language” game for a lot of laughs and great pirate words.

Pirate Icebreaker Party Game

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Printable Pirate Party Icebreaker Party Game Ahoy, matey! It be a fine day for a pirate party, and what better way to get the young buccaneers min...

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