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Christmas Dinner Left Right Party Game

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  • Printable Christmas Dinner Left Right Party Game

    Tired of the age-old dilemma of who's going to do the dishes after a hearty Christmas dinner? Introducing the Printable Christmas Dish-Doer Delight Game, the perfect solution that not only determines the dish-doer but also guarantees plenty of laughs and entertainment for everyone involved!

    This game puts a fun twist on the traditional left-right game format, creating a memorable and hilarious post-dinner activity. Gather your family and friends around, and let the game decide who will be in charge of tackling the dishes. But fear not, because there are treats and forfeits to be won along the way, adding an extra element of excitement and anticipation.

    The game is simple to set up and play. Whoever took on the role of the cook will be the storyteller. They will read a specially crafted story that incorporates the left-right concept. As the story unfolds, participants will pass their folded coupons (containing treats or forfeits) to the left or right, following the instructions in the story. Make sure to emphasize the words "LEFT" and "RIGHT" to ensure everyone knows when to pass their coupons.

    The coupons themselves add an element of surprise and anticipation. On page two of the printable, you'll find six pre-made coupons, including three fun treats or privileges and three exciting forfeits. We've even included two blank coupons so you can customize them to fit your family's preferences and quirks. Whether it's a special treat or a silly forfeit, each coupon promises an entertaining outcome.

    Depending on the size of your group, you can distribute the coupons accordingly. For smaller groups, each person receives one coupon. For larger groups, you can create multiple copies of the same coupon or use the extra blanks to add more variety. The joy of sharing treats and forfeits is that they can be enjoyed by multiple participants, making it a truly interactive and engaging experience.

    At the end of the story, each person with a coupon will open it and read it aloud, unveiling their treat or forfeit. The reactions and laughter that ensue are guaranteed to create lasting memories and lighten the post-dinner cleanup mood.

    Make this year's dishwashing duties a source of joy and amusement with the Printable Christmas Dish-Doer Delight Game. Say goodbye to arguments and hello to a fun-filled, unpredictable way of determining who gets their hands wet. Let the game decide and enjoy the treats and forfeits along the way. Get ready for a post-dinner experience like no other!


    • 2x Print Optimized A4 Instructions Sheet.
    • 1x Print Optimized pages with 8x pre-made cut out coupons.